Amazon Customer Support & Feedback Removal


Custom support is key to being a successful seller on Amazon. Customer support is something that you cannot overlook on Amazon, due to Amazon’s detailed seller ratings, getting a 3 or below more than once can have a negative effect on your account status.

Case Study

Company Overview

The company sells mobile phone accessories.


  • Unable to keep up with the hundreds of messages per day resulting in bad customer service ratings
  • Account health not in good standing
  • Many angry customers


Aregb recruits and trains a several staff with to answer messages from Amazon. The staff is provided with a company customer service manual from the client. They are immersed into the companies culture. They learn all of their products, and when the training is over, they are ready to start answering messages within a few days!


The client sees a drastic improvement in his account health on Amazon going from 90% to almost a perfect 100% after a few months. By having dedicated staff the staff was able to:

  • Answer all messages within the first few minutes of receiving them
  • Revised any bad feedback by contacting the customers and resolving any issues at hand
  • Increase customer loyalty by answering messages as quickly as possible
  • Was able to up-sell products for additional sales

Customer service is one of the most important part of your online business. Without the proper staff to support your customers, they will most likely not buy again from you. Contact us today to inquire more about our dedicated customer support services for your company.


Our Amazon support services is available through our dedicated staff plan.