Amazon Listing Creation & Optimization


To be successful on Amazon, you need to have high quality constructed titles, a great description, high quality images and all the right keywords. We manage this process by using the latest tools and research methods to find the best keywords for your products by hand, although we use technology to automate our process and to maximize efficiency, we check each listing manually to insure we are using the best keywords, maximizing the keyword usage and making adjustments where necessary.

Case Study

Company Overview

The company sells brand name products and products they manufacture themselves in several different categories. They sell on multiple channels and need a system to manage all of their products and sales.


  • Tons of products to sell, not enough time to list
  • Custom descriptions for their products
  • Finding the best listings to list onto
  • Finding what items to buy next
  • Heavy competition with prices changing daily


Aregb chooses a system that will be able to handle their whole operation from one back end. They can list onto Amazon, eBay, Rakuten and process orders and tracking without having to worry about switching different systems.

Aregb builds a team of 4 to that’s able to increase the clients sales by 50% within the first 3 months. Each team member is assigned a specific task, and the team members build processes that help automate a lot of the daily functions that the business does over and over on a daily basis. To solve the pricing issue with the competition, Aregb uses an automatic re-pricing tool that integrates with their current system and helps the client stay competitive. With the automation and re-pricing tool in place, the team members are able to spend more time listing new products which in turn helps increase the overall sales of the company.

The team also uses a combination of manual research and software to find the best selling products on Amazon with the highest sales rank. The team then chooses to attach to the listings with the higher sales rank for better exposure. For their own products, the team creates new listings and drives traffic to the listings outside of amazon using social media and other methods. By driving traffic to their new amazon listings outside of Amazon, the client starts to see his items selling within a few weeks instead of months.


The be successful on Amazon, you need optimize your listings and add as many best selling products as you can. A team is needed to accomplish this, since it involves listing creation and lot of market research. Automated re-pricing also plays an important factor to stay competitive on the largest marketplace online. Aregb is your secret weapon to beat your competition.

Why Clients Love Us

What makes us different from our competitors and why should you hire us?

We believe that to be successful on Amazon, you need to have the experience and the right type of person to handle your Amazon account. Not everyone is fit for e-commerce, as we all know it’s very tedious and hard work. Below are the reasons why clients love us and why we do what we do.

PASSION- Our passion is helping people and our companies mission is to help your Amazon business grow to new heights.

WE LOVE AMAZON - We specialize in Amazon and that’s what we love to do. Unlike other outsourcing companies, all of our staff are trained to deal with only Amazon and E-commerce tasks.

RESOURCES - By choosing us as your partner for your Amazon business, you’ll have a whole office of talented individuals at your disposal. Web developers, graphic designers, copy writers, bloggers, social media specialists, amazon data entry specialists and more!

WE CARE ABOUT YOUR WORK - We take pride in our work, and it’s a reflection of our company. When we hire our staff, we hire based on core values and talent. By hiring a person based on values, it shows that they will be passionate about their work and what they do. This is very important when you decide to have a company handle your listings. Not only do they have to have passion, but they need to be able to do the job right. Without passion, there is no purpose.

EXPERIENCE - We’ve made the mistakes so you don’t have too. By hiring us, you will not only get great people working for you, but you will also get a partner for your business. We’ve been doing e-commerce for over 10+ years and have made mistakes and learned from them. We know what to do and what not to do. By choosing us as your outsourcing company, it will be our mission to help your Amazon business grow to new heights.

ENGLISH - The India is the 3rd largest English speaking country in the world next to the UK and USA and has a literacy rate of 93%. English is taught in schools and is primarily used in media, the government and businesses across the country. According to Forbes, it is the #1 call center destination for English based businesses and has overtaken India in this space. According to it is the worlds budget English teacher. Clients can easily communicate with their staff here at Aregb!

According to Global English, the India leads the world in business English.

How We Do it

TOP TALENT - We are on the largest job sites in the India and have an amazing HR department. We are able to recruit the brightest and most talented individuals the India has to offer. We only want the best for our clients.

HIRE BASED ON VALUES - We hire based on values first, talent 2nd. We’ve found that we are able to create a happier work environment if everybody’s values are aligned. Being happy at work reflects on the Amazon work produced by our staff.

COMMUNICATION - Communication is key to any successful relationship, that is why we assign you an AWESOME PROJECT MANAGER to be there at your every need. We will provide you with every contact method possible to reach us and we will be there at every turn.

TRANSPARENCY - We don’t want to be just any other 3rd party service provider to your business, we want you to see us as your partner in helping your business grow. We are an honest and family oriented company, and we take these family values and will work for you with our blood, sweat, and tears. If you’re successful, then we’ll be successful as well!

LIFETIME - We believe we can provide you with great services and we believe in keeping our clients happy for life. We don’t want to build a long term business relationship like most businesses, we want to build a LIFETIME relationship with your business!


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