Amazon Competitor Analysis & Market Research


Ever wonder why some sellers have such a high sell through rate and thousands of feedback? It’s all about eBay competitor analysis and market research! To be successful on eBay, you need to know what sells before even buying your products. By knowing your eBay market, you can make an educated decision on what to buy next. We provide full eBay competitor and market analysis services that you’ve never seen before. Utilizing the latest tools and technology, we are able to provide you sales and graphical data for sales on eBay up to a 90 day period. All of this information is presented to you so that even your kid could read it.

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Company Overview

The company is a top rated seller in the fashion category selling clothing and shoes.


  • Wanted to bring in new lines to sell, but didn’t know where to start
  • Access to over a hundred different brand name suppliers
  • Purchasing the best selling products within their budget


Aregb gets sales data for over 30+ brands within a 90 day sales period. Sales were broken down all the way down to a SKU level and categorized:

  • Number of units sold per SKU
  • Number of units sold per brand
  • Number of units sold per color and size
  • Average sales per product
  • Total number of sales per sku
  • Total number of sales per brand
  • Total number of sales per color
  • Top 5 competitors identified
  • Competitors top selling SKU’s
  • Total number of SKU’s sold per competitor
  • Competitors selling revenue


By analyzing your competition, you can make an educated guess on what to buy next. Save thousands of dollars and increase your sales through rate by hiring us to do your competitor and market research today. We are experts in eBay competitor and market research analysis.


Our eBay listing creation & optimization services are available through the following plans: