eBay Customer Support


Custom support is key to being a successful seller on eBay. Customer support is something that you cannot overlook on eBay, due to eBay’s detailed seller ratings, getting a 3 or below more than once can have a negative effect on your account status.

Case Study

Company Overview

The company is an automotive seller selling parts and accessories


  • Over 500+ emails a day
  • Selling on eBay, Amazon and web site
  • Needs customer support with automotive knowledge
  • Different listing softwares


Aregb recruits and trains a several staff with automotive knowledge to answer messages from eBay, amazon and the clients web site. They streamline the process and help reduce emails by leveraging software, listing processes and technology. Overall, the number of questions asked were reduced and staff were able to answer questions in more detail thus increasing the quality of service provided to their customers, which resulted a direct increase in sales.


With the right staff, customer support cannot only make your business look better, but it can also increase your sales if your staff is trained to up-sell your products correctly.


Our eBay customer support services is available through our dedicated staff plan.