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Ranking Your Google Map Can Help Businesses Make Money.

Welcome to Aregb. We are a Google Map SEO service. We build out, fix and supercharge your organic Google Map listing. Google My Business and the Google Map are very powerful tools.

They are huge lead source’s most businesses don’t realize can add a lot of business calls and sales to their bottom line.

Potential Clients type in a specific keyword or phrase looking for a service(s) in their local area(s).

See it doesn’t matter if your website is not on the first page of Search. Because if your Google Map or Map’s are geared right, they will be. Then you get the calls, sales, and money. Business owners have to realize their website, and Map listing can be one of their most powerful 24/7/365 #1 sale lead source’s. Done right, organic search does not cost you a dime once set up. Other than minor updates to stay ahead of your competition. Whether you have a big or small business website, setting up your Google Map is a must. We have a tested and proven SEO ranking formula to get you on Top of Search. We may also make some recommendations to your website administrator to help you and us along the way. So when potential customers Google a business service, using Google My Business, you want to be right there. Every website owner knows the battle of SEO. Your goal is to get your (Niche) listing in the Top of Map Search. Chances are, if your phone rings first, you get the sale and the money we all want. And guess what? We won’t stop until we get your Map in the Top, on the first page under the (Niche) Search word in the local area you are targeting.

Where Are You In Google My Business Search?

If you were to open a brick and mortar store, would you want to take a lease on a retail space in the middle of nowhere? Or one with no walk or drive by traffic? Or would you choose a busy street, where people will be passing by your store and see your brand all the time? So, if your Website and Map are not on the first page of Search, most likely you are spending a LOT of money on leads. Or you are banking on word of mouth and a referral business. That just makes for good and bad months for business sales. In the end, some just break even.

Potential buyer using Google My Business Google My Business, Google Map

You want to be somewhere busy and easily accessible. Your website is the same. It has one job to do, draw in prospects who are looking for your product or service. It has to give them a compelling and obvious reason to either purchase right now or give you their information and permission to contact them.

If your website is on page 3 or worse, that’s like being in the middle of nowhere.

Studies have shown that people are probably not going all the way to page 3 to that end. You can add some call of action on every page of your website, relevant to what your prospects are potentially looking for. This will help a lot because once people get to your website, you want them to take action before they leave.

However, There May Be Problem

You could have the most compelling call to action in the world but if nobody sees it, it doesn’t matter.

In the ever-changing world of SEO, ranking your website on the first page of Search is every business owner struggle.

Even if your website is on the first page of Search, just one little change in the IP God’s algorithms can push you down the list and off the first page. But having your Google Map set up right, you will always get the calls you need.

Successfully ran businesses know they can not do everything on their own. So, they hire the right team to run certain parts of their business. This allows them to focus on the most important parts that make the money. Having the best Accountant, Marketing Team, Sale Force, Installers, etc., is a must. Because they know they can not do it alone and their reputation is on the line.

Businesses spend thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars to be on the Top page of Search in the Golden Triangle.

The Google Golden Triangle

The Golden Triangle study was coined back in 2005 based on a study on how searchers looked at the Google search results page back then. They focused on a specific triangular location on the page. The new study released this week shows that behavior has changed and searchers are looking outside of the box. But now they are looking at the Map.

Here are some key findings from the study:

People are viewing more search results listings during a single session and spending less time 2 viewing each one. Now, searchers spend just over 1.17 seconds viewing each listing. In 2005, it was just under 2 seconds. Businesses that are positioned lower on the SERP (especially positions 2-4) see more click activity than they did several years ago, making this real estate much more valuable. The #1 Organic Listing still captures the most click activity (32.8%), regardless of what new elements are presented. Top organic results are no longer always in the top-left corner so 2 users look elsewhere to find them. Mobile devices have habitually conditioned searchers to scan vertically more than horizontally. Searchers are looking for the fastest path to the desired content.

See even if your sites not in that golden triangle or is on page 3 or 1000 out of 100,000,000 on the web directory your Map can be in the Top in your local area and get the calls first.

The Process Of Google Map Ranking Is Very Simple

We can set up your Map or we could send over a 5-minute video explaining what the listing(s) above you are doing. Then, we could fix your Map as it is, and get you more targeted customers in your local area. We could also target other local cities to build your business even more. Would you like That?

One thing is you have to understand there is a lot of time building out each Map the right way. Although, we have seen Google My Business Maps move up fast. Some do take a little bit longer depending on the competition for that (Niche) in your local area. But we will get it done.

To get things going now, please send Aregb your website link, email address and contact information and we will set up your Google Map or send you a video on how we would fix or set up your Google Map to get you more targeted customers. Just click on the button below to Get Started Now.